Women Tattoo Trend Ideas 2014

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Women tattoo trend this time will give advice to women to get the right tattoo. Previous tattoo is for men or location wise (lower back, shoulder blades, etc), in recent years, women began to like tattoos. Fortunately, the rises of women’s tattoos are no longer at the expense of quality. Far from being a mere trend for the most tattooed woman tattooed also get praise and no longer limited to traditional female locations (wrist tattoos, ankle tattoos). In addition, body art tattoo is trendy and popular.

What is the current Women tattoo trend:

womens tattoo ideas pics

Usually women prefer small tattoo designs that adorn their bodies. Tattoo artists find more designs for small tattoos. for the most part, the tattoo artist make the design smaller size to larger or more visible. Unlike tattoo men, women rarely have the risk of having a full tattoo sleeve (sleeve tattoos) or a full backup. However, development Tattoo (quantitative and qualitative) can produce the parts, but also a very impressive woman. More than a mere trend or traces of ink under the skin. The tattoo forms of artistic expression, the oldest and richest man ever known.

Phrases and Letters are Tattoos for women, its original name, lyrics or quotes (“carpe diem”, “memento mori”). Tattoo letter based is widespread, whatever their origin or style such as Gothic calligraphy, Arabic, Chinese calligraphy, etc. Some women do not hesitate to stylize your tattoo with Arabic either interlaced around the letters.

Flower tattoo designs. True model of female symbols made ​​of flower tattoos are popular with women. Lilies, orchids or sakura: flood flowers adorn her body. The flowers are pure and graphics, sometimes with minute details of tattoos plants do not go out of fashion from time to time.

womens tattoo ideas pics

Women Tattoos school trip. It is long neglected, old school tattoo while out major revival, particularly in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Amy Wine house is a proud ambassador. Old school style is characterized by thick and heavy black shadows and the use of bright primary line. Old school design is often inspired by themes from the 50s and 60s, as the image of the pin-ups, roses, tiger, and symbol of military and naval instruction. That’s all I can say about Women tattoo trend.

5 Photos of the Women Tattoo Trend Ideas 2014

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