Various of Original Tattoo Ideas

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Original tattoo ideas to be one of several options to be applied in their bodies. Tattoo is a body art that has many meanings, in addition to beautify the appearance, tattoos can also describe the characteristics of a person. Not only the men who use tattoos, many women are also interested in using this body art. Currently, there are many tattoo designs that can make the choice, there is a tattoo design featuring a male characteristic, such as masculinity, strength, or the freedom to express themselves. But, there are also tattoo designs for women that reflect elegance, feminine, or expressing love or feelings. Therefore, many people who are interested to wear this body art, tattoo could be one or a variety of tattoo designs.

Tattoos have become part of the lifestyle of some societies today. In art tattoo, ink color have to insert into the skin layer. The result is a change in skin pigment, either for decorative purposes or otherwise. Here are some of the original tattoo ideas are there:

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Naturalist Tattoo, Tattoo naturalistic objects tend to wear more natural as a “model image” tattoo. An example is illustrated tattoo plants (flowers, which are often used women) or animals, such as butterflies, lions, cats, etc. In the manufacturing process, the tattoo must be done in detail, perspective, and the right choice of color between dark light. This is done so that the final result obtained is a realistic picture, and is nearing real objects. This tattoo is used by people who admire certain character and want to perpetuate the image the person’s face in their body in the form of a tattoo.

Abstract Tattoo, Tattoo is a tattoo that is drawing most of the affected style ancient tattoo, did not describe a realistic thing. Colors are primarily used still in shades of dark gray, and classic look. This type of tattoo tattoo is usually made around belly button, chest and calves, although arms and upper back also been some people as a place put this type of tattoo. Abstract tattoo include tattoo style letters Celtic, Old English letters and Chinese symbols.

Simplified Tattoo, tattoo original ideas of this kind has no boundaries in terms of design. Almost all of forms and sizes and each can be incorporated in this type, as long as it is a characteristic of the tattoo maker. Most popular example is the picture zodiac tattoo.

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5 Photos of the Various of Original Tattoo Ideas

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