Tips for chest tattoos

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Chest Tattoo Design – Once thought to be the exclusive decorating for tribal warriors, sailors, bikers and beard, tattoos are quick to find as trendy fashion accessory for a lot more people today. And not just skulls, crosses, and anchors they want, tattoo lovers are longing for well almost everything from Sanskrit scripts oriental dragons, symbols of the old world, pinup girls, and even the names of their current ink brides in their skins. Body parts are also becoming more adventurous as places to display tattoos. It with arms once popular and easily visible and thighs giving way to the intimacy of the chest in the last spot for the impressive body of art. For first timers, of course, the chest seems a nicer place, especially since it is not always as visible as the arms and legs. But before you take your shirt in the room nearest chest tattoo designs, there are some things you should consider.

1. Choosing a tattoo design on chest

chest tattoo designs

For starters, a tattoo is permanent. So think of a design that you really like, and do not go out of style in a flutter. Neutral Tattoos include tribal designs, and ancient writings, and are a favorite of men and women. For women, flowers, ornaments, angels and hearts for tattooing seal. For men, for all time fashion statements come in the form of animals like dragons , seafaring symbols like boats , and hearts, whether or not perforated . It will be good, but away from the temptation to record the name of your current love is on your skin. No need to tell you what happened with Johnny Depp, and how he had to switch from “Winona Forever “to ” Wino Forever”.

2. Chest pain tattoos vary

Getting a tattoo can hurt, but the pain varies, especially for novices. And yet for men, since the procedure involves chest tattoo, some ribs and collarbone, where the skin is thinner than and not as beefy as the arms and thighs. For women also painful areas include just above the breasts, and over her ribs.

chest tattoo designs for men

3. The best time to get a tattoo on his chest

The best time is in spring, autumn and winter. In summer, the heat of the sun can be an absolute pain, and wounds take much longer to heal because the body tends to sweat. Women, meanwhile, are also more sensitive to the week before and during their menstrual cycles and would do well to plan around these dates.

4. Precautions before getting a tattoo on his chest

Generally, one should abstain from alcohol and caffeine day before until the day after a tattoo, as both cause blood to thin, resulting in severe bleeding. And ask your doctor for any autoimmune disorder you may have, as these tend to result in post- procedure problems. Avoid too much sun, so this makes the skin dry and more prone to damage.

5. Precautions during and after getting a tattoo on his chest

The smallest of the interventions of the skin can lead to a number of problems due to poor hygiene practices. So choose your tattoo shop with care and insist on the use of sterile equipment to reduce the risk of diseases, including inflammation, tetanus, and even HIV. During the healing process, avoiding the sun again and all forms sunscreen. Do not cover the area with a bandage and stay away from the pools and streams live in the affected area. The correct steps you take to prevent what seems like a great idea of chest tattoo designs today become your biggest regret tomorrow.

5 Photos of the Tips for chest tattoos

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