The Designs of Arm Tattoos for Women

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In the previous article we have the idea of arm or sleeves tattoo for men and now we will talk about sleeves tattoo for women. There are many women have the tattoo on their arm. The different of arm tattoos for women and men is the selected design and pictures. The men have limited picture to be applied in their arm but women have many ideas of picture tattoo. Men have limited design because the men must only apply the masculinity design. It is not funny if you see the men with cartoon character such as Minnie mouse or other feminine character. Women can apply the masculine design and also feminine design. It is not fair actually but it is obvious.

Gender also influences the choice of tattoo design. Colorful flower is the common design for arm tattoos for women. The women can apply the tattoo that cover the whole sleeve but it may also occupy the most part of upper hand. The women also apply their tattoo in a quarter in lengths meaning that the tattoo can extend down the elbow a little bit. The women can apply the image of celebrity face in their arm tattoo.

Flower Arm Tattoos for Women

Besides that, they can also put the face of someone that they love so much such as mother, husband, friend and so on. You must be careful when you apply the tattoo on your arm because arm tattoos for women are visible. Don’t choose the false design there.

13 Photos of the The Designs of Arm Tattoos for Women

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