The Care of Hidden Hand Tattoo

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Once you have made ​​your long awaited tattoo, take care of it with care. A hidden hand tattoo that has been handled properly will look good in the future.

We recommend that you turn to your tattoo artist for care instructions first and foremost. If for any reason you are not able to go back to your tattoo artist, you can follow these instructions.

  1. You have a hidden hand tattoo and made of plastic. You should then wash your tattoo from traces of blood, color and exudates. Use unscented soap or soap that is still seemed especially to wash tattoos. Do this preferably in conjunction with a shower. It can be very tenderly over the tattoo but it has to be washed off.
  2. When you wipe, you should dab gently over the tattoo then air dry. It may be that the tattoo begins Sava (wound fluid comes out of the tattoo) gently dabbing the liquid with clean soft towel. Repeat until there extremely low which could be a long time.
  3. When the tattoo is “dry”, you should lubricate it. Either you use Bepanthen (the turquoise / white / pink tube, available at drugstores!), Heliozoan or special ointment formulated for tattoos (found in most studios). Apply the tattoo approx. 2-4 times a day and then sparingly. The tattoo will not be blurring of ointment. A small thin layer lubricates you so that the tattoo can breathe (get air).NOTE CLEAN HANDS. Clean hands are a must to prevent infection in your new tattoo, wash with soap and shelling preferably before you rub your tattoo.
  4. The tattoo may start to itch. You then get absolutely no scratching on the hidden hand tattoo; however, you can pat on the conservative (clean hands). Thou shaft not poke away crusts formed because there is a high risk that it comes off color from the tattoo. All crusts will come off by it.
  5. You should not sunbathe at approx. 5-6 weeks (2 months), and then you should use a high SPF while tanning.

While the tattoo is in and heal you should not bathe, either indoors or outdoors. When you must take a shower try to protect your tattoo from getting too wet. Quick showers are recommended, use perfumed soap or soap that is still seemed especially to wash tattoos. Wash the skin over the tattoo, but attempts to remove old ointment if there is (do not clean hands). You should not base.

A tattoo can compare with an abrasions treat it as such with care for the best outcome. Healing time for a tattoo is different, usually is about. 2-3 weeks. After these weeks is recommended caution equal time. And lubricating Please visit the tattoo after the scabs are separating, until you feel that the tattoo is one with the rest of the skin.

Remember to NEVER let anyone else take your hidden hand tattoo while it heals. It is only you who will come in contact with it, no people, animals or other things. Bleed tattoo much time doing it well during the healing time.


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