The 10 Awesome tattoos and their meaning

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Awesome tattoo ideas – Tattoos are a very popular way to express one’s personal originality. The chosen design usually represents something very important or what is decided or may not lead to a lifetime? If you are considering a tattoo here are the 10 best options of awesome tattoo ideas ¬†and their meanings:

1. tribal

Awesome tattoo ideas for men

The tribal tattoo is the most popular tattoo ever created. It seems strange that in a modern world with a design representing the tribes is really popular. It is believed that the tribal design comes from indigenous and aboriginal cultures .

2. star

Looking to the stars has been a popular pastime for all the time that there has been someone on the ground (and perhaps other planets ) to look at them. Stars represent many different things to people. Sometimes symbolizes fortune or fame . Sometimes the guidance with the 3 wise men. Sometimes considered their fate wish upon a star and almost everyone knows that if you do well in class your teacher can give you a star . Perhaps that is why a star is a favorite : represents many positive things .

Awesome tattoo ideas for girls

3. cross

The cross tattoo is very popular religious symbol is not exclusive to any one religion . The cross has long represented the Christian sects , Celtic , Maltese and Gothic. Some people wear crosses just because they like the design, and not necessarily for religious reasons.

4. angel

A tattoo design Angel is a supernatural sense . Angels usually represent a messenger of God or a guardian angel watching over and protecting somebody .

5. Racks

Wings represent flight or things of a spiritual nature , including many legends and myths. The wings are associated with speed and sense of freedom. Military pilots earn their wings after completing the training set .

6. Maori

The Maori tribal tattoo is a big favorite among tribal designs . The Polynesians were indigenous Maori tribe of New Zealand.

7. dragon

Dragons are creatures tend to be feared, but some cultures worship as part of a religious or belief. Dragons often represent power. The dragon has been long-term another favorite tattoo .

8. phoenix

The phoenix is a mythical bird that often represents something that was destroyed until it rises from the ashes to become something new . It is often a symbol of new beginnings , especially after a loss.

9. butterfly

Women especially are attracted to the butterfly tattoo . Perhaps because of its beauty and colorful delicate … as a woman.

10 . fairy

The fairy is a symbol that represents a mystical and magical icon , and a character in flight . The fairy is often the granting of a wish come true . If you are looking for awesome tattoos ideas and want a popular considered one of the top 10. It’s good to know the real story behind what the design represents what your choice may be more significant .

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Awesome tattoo ideasAwesome tattoo ideas for menAwesome tattoo ideas for girls

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