Temporary tattoos: Black Henna Tattoo

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Temporary tattoos have increased in incidence in recent years without any regulatory mechanism that is responsible, among many things, to report side effects and their potential consequences, especially when it comes to the so-called black henna, whose main component is usually be the PPD (PPD) 1 added to henna as a dye and in concentrations much higher than those authorized by law (Directive 76/768/EEC and its modification). Among its many side effects found residual hypo-or hyper pigmentation of the affected skin, keloid scarring, induce sensitization to this substance in people who previously tolerated (s ingredient in 99% of permanent and semi-permanent dyes for hair and eyelashes, black rubber, printing inks, cutting fluids used in the metal industry, polishes or paints) and chemically similar substances (dyes used in the textile, rubber and cosmetics and medicines of the group FOR) 3, April.

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Temporary Tattoos on hand

Our case report concerns a 43 year old woman in Egypt decide to have a temporary tattoo on his right forearm. Upon returning from the trip go to consulting your family doctor by the appearance of a raised lesion predominantly Keloidal aspect with some vesicles on the right forearm coinciding with the site of application of temporary tattoo ink done while travelling (Figure 1 ). Treatment was prescribed zinc sulfate, prednisone 30 mg for 8 days and topical corticosteroid every 12 h, with improvement of the lesions. Patch tests are performed in the service of allergy, which were positive (3/4) for PPD, so that the patient is informed of the risks that have been sensitized by the substance and what are the objects and / or substances contain PPD and are used more often in everyday life. In conclusion, it should be noted that as primary care physicians must know the potential side effects of temporary tattoos and inform the population to prevent its possible consequences of Temporary Tattoo.

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