Tattoo Ideas Fighting Irish

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Simple Tattoos Ideas fighting Irish is a term used to refer to sports teams at the University Of Notre Dame. The name comes from a time when many colleges were started by a specific denomination and in the case of the University Of Notre Dame, that denomination was Catholic, which in turn is strongly associated with the Irish. College students, sports fans, and fans of Celtic culture are all eligible persons to make you this tattoo. Other people are reading a new post about tattoo.


The mascot of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the hobgoblin. According to the official athletics site of the University, the goblin named the official mascot in 1965. Before this time, the Irish terrier mascot was. The elf is a small man with a beard, which has fists up, ready to fight. He is dressed in a green shirt with yellow and green bolus settles on its head. This is a fairly detailed simple tattoo design that looks good on a large tattooed on a flat area of skin.

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The motto of the school of Notre Dame is the Latin phrase “Vita, Dulcendo, Spes” which means “life, sweetness and hope.” This phrase is a reference to the Virgin Mary and is a common place on the campus of Notre Dame picks out the English or the other version of the sentence for your tattoo Fighting Irish. You can choose an elegant cursive font or for a more dramatic effect, look for a heavy font of simple tattoo ideas.

Celtic Knots

Fighting Irish of Notre Dame is deeply stuck in the Irish culture and one of the most visually distinctive parts of this culture is the use of knots. A very simple trefoil knots a tattoo elegant. Celtic Knots work great on simple tattoos with black or gray shadow, but you can also use bright colors to reflect the ancient Irish illuminated manuscripts.


It is a three leaf clover and is a sign that is deep joined with the Irish culture and the Catholic religion. In the teachings of St. Patrick, a saint closely associated with Ireland, the three-leaf clover can be used to represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. A small tattoo clover is a great way to show your relationship with the Fighting Irish and this simple tattoo can be made small without losing any important detail of simple tattoos idea

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