Pretty Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Girls

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Today we will introduce the image of wrist tattoo ideas for girls. This wrist tattoo design is the good way to people to see your character, because this tattoo is in the visible area of ​​the body that can be seen at any time, unlike the hidden places of the body like the back, legs, thighs and other areas covered on our clothing to be seen.

Tattoo designs on the wrist are smaller but very popular among all gender, age and social class. One thing to consider when getting a tattoo of this type is that the wrist is an area that is always exposed to the sun, and for that reason it is very important to take care of a tattoo done by always using sunscreen to keep the tone of your tattoo ink.

wrist and hand tattoo ideas

Here are some wrist tattoo ideas for girls:

Star tattoos on the wrist. One of the most popular tattoos in the wrist is a star. Among them, you can choose according to the different types of designs can be meaningful and convey different ideas. Stars may be filled in black, or use a bright color, or even use the lines and textures are more complicated. You can choose one or more that you want, used to symbolize something very different people with a number of star tattoos.

Flower designs for girl’s wrist. You can use all kinds of flowers. Flowers are beautiful designs to put in your body. For example, a simple daisy with excellent design in a tattoo on the wrist, even one can choose to attach small flowers and create some kind of necklace or bracelet. Another option is a rose or cherry blossom, lotus flowers, hibiscus, etc.

wrist and hand tattoo ideas

Last for a wrist tattoo ideas for girls is a tattoo of black birds flying in a beautiful silhouette and eye-catching, easy to do and takes a bit of time working tattoo. You can choose the number of birds that you like to draw, and absolutely wonderful for a woman’s wrist. If you want to design with more color and detail, you can choose to shadow bird and some flowers around.

5 Photos of the Pretty Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Girls

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