Pretty Tattoo Ideas for Women : Fleur De Lis

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This time I will give you pretty tattoo ideas that will make a woman falling in love. Flowers designs tend to be more frequent in the world of tattoo motifs. Flowers have a beautiful design. Usually that use floral tattoo design is a woman. Flowers always bring us back to life and nature. This time, I will give you suggestions for using Fleur de Lis tattoo designs, this design represents Lily.

These pretty tattoo ideas much become a design for female choice. You will often find women who use this tattoo design.  Meaning of the Fleur de lis is a symbol that is often used by the different traditions of the French emblem although its origins are found in the twelfth century. Thus, associated with the king, which is associated as a symbol of power, sovereignty and honor. In addition, the Fleur de lis is a symbol of good work and light, the lighting and the ability to see God. Used as a reflection of the tree of life and perfection. Because it has three petals, the Christian tradition associated with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Spirit) and the Virgin Mary.

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Why this symbol is a symbol of the lily and its representation? As we see, it is a symbol that has been used extensively and with different interpretations. Currently, Fleur de Lis is a typical symbol of Scouting. Usually petals Scout badge has a sailor knot around some stars and represents heaven, and have contact with nature. When you are choose this design, to place in your body, you can customize to your liking. In addition, most people choose to draw this design in black, but if you’re a fan of color may choose to use other colors. So, you know, if you want to reflect honor, loyalty, royalty, or if you prefer a good symbol of the Holy Trinity that reflects your faith, Fleur de Lis is right choice for you! That is pretty tattoo ideas for you. Do you want to try it? For more explanation, you can see picture. I am sure that you will like this design.

5 Photos of the Pretty Tattoo Ideas for Women : Fleur De Lis

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