Neck tattoo : Models in the Neck Tattoos for Men and Women

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Neck tattoo ideas is usually an original tattoo. Location difficult to hide body, the neck is a little area of ​​the body is tattooed on the general public. Tattoo patterns are very friendly often original, neck remains a difficult area sensitive tattoos for different reasons. The neck is a very sensual part of the body, especially women love to play with curves that enable this area with very fine and delicate strokes that can bypass the ear or lost along the neck to the hand upper back. Neck tattoos for women are often reasons for symbolic, like the swallows of the old school models cherries tattoo , including floral arrangements, flights of butterflies , shooting stars, but also designs more original , as shown in our photos of tattoos below the neck .

A tattoo on the neck of a woman can quickly become overloaded and lose her sexy side exclusively for the benefit of out and destroy. Even if it is not the area most frequently used for a female tattoo ” fashion “, neck can continue being an ideal place for an original tattoo, but not necessarily reserved for a client changed . Like the hip, for example, the tattoo on his neck is based on the use of curves of the body and is generally a tattooed by people who have already several times had the opportunity to go under the tattooist’s needle area. Some stars have a neck tattoo: Riana, fifty cents, the wrestler “The Undertaker”, the player Philippe Mexes, the NBA player Chris” Birdman” Andersen and Coeur de Pirate. Tattoos on the neck, often the reasons for small women, but may be only part of a larger in men, with compositions up to the torso, or the inclusion of the top back piece, head or in some extreme cases.

neck tattoos ideas for man

Neck tattoo ideas have several shortcomings: it is first, in general, a very painful tattoo due to the thinness of the skin its elasticity and the presence of numerous veins (without risk, however cutting the carotid by an artist tattoo, if it has yet to clarify …). The neck tattoo is usually a time of discomfort, especially in men when the needles come tickle Adam apple. Second major flaw neck tattoo : ink takes very bad as the hands , fingers, parts of the ear cartilage , elbows or the soles of the feet and hands , the neck is in great demand by the body, constant rotation of the head and requiring elasticity to the skin in this area. Neck tattoo ideas therefore have a greater propensity to deform the average over time, and do it fast enough. For a tattoo to take the front of the neck, so it is preferable for reasons that have little detail, especially the asymmetry making it less “serious” distortion characteristics. The best example of symmetrical tribal tattoo still tends to divert a bit over time.

5 Photos of the Neck tattoo : Models in the Neck Tattoos for Men and Women

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