Meaningful symbolic tattoo ideas

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Symbolic tattoo ideas much favored, because some people consider tattoo symbol that can bring special meaning to the wearer. Sealing it, this tattoo design can make its user look stylish. Tattoos are works of art that has existed since 12,000 years BC ago, and at the beginning of its use, tattoos are used as ritual tribes such as the Incas and Maori.

Here are some symbolic tattoo ideas which have philosophical meaning in it:

symbolic tattoo ideas

Butterfly tattoos, ancient cultures believe that the butterfly is a creature that carries the soul from earth to heaven. Butterfly tattoo can also be used to respect the women who had died long before the time. Butterfly tattoo also mean a sign of gratitude for beauty of color in the world, although only a temporary metaphor, this is reflected in the life of a butterfly is only a moment.

Maori Tattoos, Tattoos are very popular among celebrities. Maori tattoo is a Polynesian tribal tattoo that symbolizes a modern version of that book will not affect your creativity, and also symbolize that you have a unique personality with boundless creativity. This tattoo can be seen on the body of a professional boxer Mike Tyson.

Koi fish tattoo, fish tattoo can symbolize fertility, but in Japan this tattoo is a symbol of strength and beauty. Japan and China are also believed that have Koi fish meaning of courage, a willingness to reach it and ability to have higher ideals. Koi fish may also be denoted as a emotional and spiritual strength. Moreover, this fish is believed to act like a samurai, because samurai brave to facing own death after being caught by opponents.

symbolic tattoo ideas for guys

Flower tattoos, flower tattoos are the most preferred among women. The flowers have different meanings, for example orchids can mean beauty, luxury and love; Lotus has meaning about love, purity, intelligence and wisdom. Plumeria may be denoted as the friendship and warmth.

Last of a symbolic tattoo ideas is tattoo eye from god Horus. The meaning from this tatto is god horus eye tattoos can makes someone feel more secure, peaceful, prosperous and give wisdom.

5 Photos of the Meaningful symbolic tattoo ideas

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