Interesting Lip Tattoo Ideas 2014

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Tattoos that look sexy is now in vogue, one of which is a lip tattoo ideas. Nowadays tattoos become the most popular body art. How not? many young artists who use tattoos as body art is preferred. So many young people are starting to use a tattoo, because it follows the style of the artist that they like. If you are currently attending a few social media, you definitely will instantly know about this tattoo. Yes, the placements of these tattoos are very different from the usual. When the tattoo is usually placed in the hands, legs, chest, back, etc, but, this tattoo placed where it may be impossible for you and painful. This tattoo is placed on the lips. So many teens are selfie with tattoos showing their lips. They want to follow the trend of tattoos.

Why lip tattoo ideas are popular today?

lip tattoo ideas

Usually the tattoo will have a unique design and different. To a tattoo on the lips using a design that has a small size, in addition to the simple design. Why say simple? Because if it is compared with the design of the tattoo designs that are placed on other body parts, tattoos that have complexity and striking colors. But, this lip tattoos using a dark color. Lip tattoo is not placed on the outside of the lips, but placed in the lower lip.

What are the tattoo designs that are used for lip tattoo ideas:

Currently used tattoo design is a tattoo design name. Usually you use the name of your spouse, or your loved ones. In addition, the design of meaningful words are also popular, such as peace, love, bite me or other words of interest. Not only the design of any word that can be used for this type of tattoo. You can use music note tattoo designs small, small signs of love, and some of the other signs. I recommend not using colored tattoo design. If you want to use the designs that require color, you can put in other parts of the body. So, if you are interested to participate in this growing trend?

cool lip tattoo ideas

5 Photos of the Interesting Lip Tattoo Ideas 2014

lip tattoo word ideaslip tattoo ideasinner lip tattoo ideasgood lip tattoo ideascool lip tattoo ideas

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