Henna Tattoo on Hindu wedding

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Henna tattoo for handson Hindu wedding, marriage is more than a simple contract between a man and a woman, therefore the ceremony is performed by a priest who follows the rites described in the sacred book of India, the Veda. The wedding itself is a very long and elaborate ritual that can last weeks. The whole ceremony revolves around symbols and rituals that are meant to teach the couple the experiences and lessons necessary for married life. The ceremony, officiated by Brahma is divided into three parts: an offering to the sacred fire, true union man and wife, and the rite of the fire seven times. The bride and her friends hands covering tattoos done on the basis of henna, a plant with which draw beautiful figures in the body without any pain.

Henna Tattoo is summoned to the four players of the ceremony, the bride’s father, the young, the maiden and the Brahman. A woman cannot be a widow, gives them to drink water mixed with barley, fertilization magical symbol. Father throws on the knees of her daughter little gold coins, and exclaims “I welcome the wealth”. The beautiful young bride usually wears red clothes indicating the desire and passion. The groom is led to the house of the young man who gives a beautiful dress hanging a black ribbon, one red, used to ward off evil. The most important moment of the consecration ritual is marriage that is to press the palm of the wife if you desire sons and fingers if you prefer women.

Arabic Mehndi desings

Henna is a powder of dried leaves from the bush “Lawsonia inermis”. It grows in hot climates, found mainly in Egypt, Iran, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Syria and North African regions, where it is common to see this type of tattoo. Due to its universal use, differs in each place both in the name of the bush and in its application on the skin. The biggest name is that of Mehandi or Mehndi, from India. Also in each culture varies its meaning, but always with one thing in common. In most, agrees to promote luck and fertility, as well as the protection from evil spirits and the devil, which a new bride or future mother is more vulnerable to attack of Henna Tattoo

3 Photos of the Henna Tattoo on Hindu wedding

Arabic Mehndi desingsbeautiful indian applying henna on wedding celebrationsHenna tattoo for hands

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