Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas For Women

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I will discuss about dragonfly tattoo ideas. Dragonflies are one of the very special animals. Many women choose tattoos of dragonflies, but also many men who use this tattoo design. This tattoo became popular in the early 90’s, the year in which small insects become the most popular and full of cultural and symbolic meanings, dragonfly tattoo designs that produce aesthetically beautiful but also the addition of several components that provide meaning. As you will see in the pictures that I provide, many options on this dragonfly tattoo designs, for example Anisoptera.

Many people like dragonfly tattoo ideas. One of the outstanding features of the dragonfly dragonflies is that during his life better able to handle the water, air and earth. Let’s look at dragonflies grow in water, because their mothers lay eggs, usually in the puddles. When the dragonfly wings started to grow, and are free to fly, that is why the dragonfly is closely related to fertility. Parents looking for a child, or those who have lost usually called dragonflies because they provide the components necessary for the symbolic, Also for example, women in situations of domestic violence and physical abuse relationships.

dragonfly tattoo

If we are looking for a partner for the dragonfly, then you find the butterfly. They are two very similar creatures, which grow and develop together. Both can fly, has many colors and a clear vision, is really very aesthetic. However, a different physical form. The butterfly has a wing that looks much bigger than a dragonfly, and the latter is more elongated. In many tribal beliefs about dragonfly that a tribe who believe that dragonflies are individuals who control and protect the tribe. So dragonflies are highly respected. In Japan, the animal associated with happiness. For the placement of this tattoo, you can customize to your liking. If you want to look sensual and sexy, you can put it on your hips or chest area. But, there are some women who put these tattoos on the back, it is because a tattoo design that is quite large and very varied. That’s my opinion on some dragonfly tattoo ideas. Are you also interested?

5 Photos of the Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas For Women

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