Cool Tattoo Designs and Ideas, Want You?

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Tattoo designs and ideas – “He was cool as a tattoo!” Some people express that statement when meet with people who tattoo. Do you have the same opinion? Or perhaps you do not know what that tattoo? Tattoos are images that use ink and inserted into the dermis layer of the skin with a needle.

Why do people like tattoo? Each person who decides to make a tattoo has its own reasons. So do not be too concerned about why they make it. Not only men, tattoos are also much in demand by women. There are several reasons why they are willing to carve a permanent image on his body. One of them is because they want to express themselves through tattoos.

tattoo designs and fonts

Tattoo is stuck in the skin tattoo enthusiast is not necessarily free of charge ornaments meaningless. They chose the pictures that express themselves. So what kind of tattoo designs and ideas that can be a new reference for tattoo enthusiasts?

1 . The child’s name and the name of a loved one. Actually the tattoo trend is not a new trend. However, a characteristic that has a deep meaning for some people as evidence of his affection.

2 . Dragon China

tattoo designs and ideas

Dragon tattoo is very popular in Asia. In addition to the popular, dragon tattoo also did not know the times. For the dragon tattoo man show of power, strength, great willingness and wisdom.

3 . Skull Tattoo

Ornate skull tattoo sleeve will look fierce. But do not be surprised if some people are afraid of you because of your skull tattoo.

4 . Tribal tattoo

If you like abstract design, this design is perfect for you. Favored men and women. Why? Because this type of tattoo is not just show how cool you are, but also the toughness and courage.

5 . Japanese and Chinese Letter tattoo design

Kanji (Japanese) describe a desired spells such as strength, love and luck. Men and women can choose this design because they fit in with this design. What happens after the Japanese and Chinese letters permanently lodged in your body? Your skin will be more exotic and bringing a mystery that makes people more curious.

6 . Star Tattoo / Nautical charts

This tattoo serves to navigate. Very popular tattoo designs and ideas.


Please select a design according to your taste.

4 Photos of the Cool Tattoo Designs and Ideas, Want You?

tattoo designs and ideastattoo designs and fontstattoo designs and drawingtattoo designs and art

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