Celebrity Tattoo: The Philosophy of Tattoo

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Celebrity Tattoo begins the World tattoo space Cent quarter, in the 19th disfranchisement of Paris. The exhibition, which runs until March 24, expects 10,000 people came to discover the artistic follies artists of indelible ink. The opportunity to return to this practice continues unabated and is swept away by the fashions of the moment, inspired, often by stars. Purepeople.com offers (re) discover the reasons that celebrities have a tattoo on the body. Among addicts as David Beckham and Rihanna, small players like Charlize Theron, philosophers like Megan Fox or unusual as Alizée, there is something for everyone!

Rihanna Tattoo

If everyone does not offer Celebrity Tattoo in industrial quantities, there are those who do everything to make that way. Boxer Mike Tyson has understood, who became adorn the face of a huge tribal pattern, the subject of controversy for its use in the movie Hangover II. Rihanna chose another place to stay that its representation of the Egyptian goddess Isis under the breasts! Cheryl Cole chose to adorn his loin’s huge red flowers. Pascal Obispo meanwhile became a big dragon tattoo. In the pages of Paris Magazine, he said: “The first film I’ve seen in 8 years, this is the way of the dragon I stay in an Asian graphic universe, but everything must be arranged on the body. Yes, I was hurt, a lot. This is probably the pain we unconsciously search. Tattoos that door have earned, “he said. The winner is still the model who has walked for Thierry Mugler: the Canadian Rick Genest. This young 27 year old man has a tattoo of a decaying body 90% of the body! Fortunately not everyone has the same fad.



megan fox tattoos

Are sun, butterfly, and dolphin? Very little for them! The great fashion designer Marc Jacobs chose to pay tribute to SpongeBob, Coeur de pirate chose to honor Alice in Wonderland, Alizée made stronger by paying tribute to Minnie, the bell or Sailor Moon Fairy. Julien Doré has a cross on the shoulder as a tribute to Depeche Mode and the name Dada homage to Marcel Duchamp. Finally, the cheeky Steve-O has paid an ego trip by representing himself. Egocentricity that not all the stars, some opting for a tribute to their offspring. Let it be said, the mothers do not have the monopoly of the heart. The real men, tough, tattooed, have also overflowing of love to share. Thus Johnny Depp, Frederick Bousquet, Pete Doherty, David Beckham or Eminem wrote the name of their (s) child (ren) on their corps.Valérie Damidot opted for the initials of their names. Asked by Le Parisien Magazine, she said: “My new tattoo takes these elements, supplemented by ‘NRV 4 life’ these are our initial and two-way (angry for life) I really enjoy.” She said. But when the stars do not pay tribute to the children, it is the whole family goes to Celebrity Tattoo


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