Beautiful Temporary Tattoos

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Temporary Tattoos is once reserved for drunken sailors on shore compulsory license, they have now become an acceptable form of modern expression. Gone were the raw, a color tattoos “Mom” or screaming eagles etched permanently in chunky men ‘ breasts. These iconic symbols of testosterone have been overlooked for delicate butterflies gently Tweetie Bird stamped on the wrist or ankle of the grandmother. Seriously, it’s easy to say that tattoos have become an acceptable part of mainstream culture, almost a rite of passage for some. In fact, women tattoos ‘ have become the largest growth segment of the tattoo industry! But, however, despite its mass appeal, there are still people who refuse to turn their bodies into a carpet of permanent art. A cottage industry has emerged to meet this market potential of “wanna-be” temporary tattoo market cautious, tattoo. Almost indistinguishable from the real thing, these temporary tattoos have gained momentum (and adolescent parental approval) from coast to coast. Modern Temporary tattoos have dramatically improved the quality, color, and similarity. It is quite possible that the tattoo is staring at the arm of her co-worker is one of ours! These are fake tattoos fake tattoos that look real!

We at conscious consumer taking ink temporary tattoos to a whole new place. Our mission is to provide our customers with the concepts of positive affirmation and the \ mind-body connection, through the medium of temporary tattoo. Through the work of many recognized experts in their respective fields, it is becoming clear that there is an indisputable link between physical healing and mental suggestion. With this in mind, our removable tattoos, temporary feature strong messages of affirmation and encouragement for the soul. After a great research hallucinatory Dr. Emoto in Japan identified a strange phenomenon in which water molecules inside a glass container actually changed their single crystal form , common in the more complex and beautiful , after having been exposed to positive messages attached to the outside of the container ! This is the basis and inspiration for our line of fake tattoos that look real. We decided to combine temporary tattoos, inspiring ideas and positive suggestions. The end result is aware, the ink, the creators of this concept. You will find our assortment of temporary tattoos to be inspiring, beautiful individual pieces of artwork. The color combinations that have been put together with different expressions have been chosen for a meaningful purpose. Just follow the instructions that came with your temporary tattoos and you will enjoy the next met, along with some very healing needed. Enjoy!

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temporary tattoos

3 Photos of the Beautiful Temporary Tattoos

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