An Extraordinary Tatto Placement Ideas

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I want to tattoo this image, this one and this. For you are a woman, what should the next think after you have selected the tattoo image? So where the tattoo place that is suitable for your tattoo? Arms, back, abdomen, hips or hands? It seems so ordinary. What if looking elsewhere as the object of your tattoo? Anywhere tattoo placement ideas?

1 . Wrist

tattoo placement ideas for words

For women, having a tattoo on the wrist will look attractive. Wrist tattoo in longitudinal section in accordance with your wishes, will make you feel confident.

2 . Portion behind the ear / neck

If you have a tattoo on the back of the neck may be used. What if in addition to the neck or behind the ears? Model of tattoo is a form like studs. From far away, your tattoo will not look like a tattoo but it will look like studs.

tattoo placement ideas

3 . Palms of the hands or feet

How strange hands and feet into a tattoo? For those of you who want to look different, maybe this tattoo placement ideas place you can try.

4 . Fingers

Installing tattoo on the hand or arm has been a lot of looks. But if in your finger, the finger precisely on the side / between fingers seem to look very different.

5 . Shoulder

For those of you who have a beautiful neck and shoulders. Shoulders can be a great place for your tattoo collection.

6 . Armpit

Tattoo cover up armpit? Wow … would look fierce and challenging. For those of you who like a challenge, try it.

7 . Ankle

Ribbon tattoo on the ankle will make lots of eyes fooled. I’m sure they think you are using a shoe string, but it is a ribbon tattoo on your ankle.


Which extraordinary tattoo placement ideas do you choose?

5 Photos of the An Extraordinary Tatto Placement Ideas

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