A – Z in Henna Tattoo Design

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In the previous article, we have discussed about Henna as the example of fake tattoo. Here we will talk about the design of henna tattoo. Henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo and here you will find some henna tattoo designs. Henna tattoo is very popular in women life and you can find it everywhere.

Henna comes from India. As you know, India is the unique country. It has the unique make up and culture in marriage. In the wedding ceremony, Indian make up create a beautiful carving on the bride’s hands and feet. The wedding make up use Henna for carving them. Due to this culture, Henna becomes more popular in every country and the people used it as the tattoo in their hands.

Some Sample Henna Tattoos Design Ideas

The color of Henna used dark color such as black, brown, and orange. Henna will hold out in the hand in 12 to 72 hours depending on skin type and the quality of henna. Henna also used in another event in India such as in pregnant belly. The women will decorate their stomach with henna. If you really interesting with tattoo and you will use the temporary tattoo, henna is the best choice for you. Henna tattoo is traditional tattoo and it will suitable for women. This henna tattoo idea will look good on your body.

14 Photos of the A – Z in Henna Tattoo Design

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